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The universe puked and I listened

There was a death-row pile of paintings sitting on my studio floor.

I have a hard time passing capitol judgement on artwork because I hate to think that I have added it to the landfill. Sometimes I scrub out the signature and donate it. Its not like they are really terrible paintings, just not representative of what I can do. But it feels like bad mojo to keep them here- they clog the chi.

Every time I went through them I thought.. "Well, what if I just did this to this one... or added an orange streak here- or turned the girl into a pineapple... Maybe so and so would like this one..." and Back into limbo they would go.

Today the universe puked and I listened.

I welcomed my puppy into my studio for the first time. I gave her some cardboard to play around with and she ran around with a ball of string. I was sitting on my computer doing really awesome stuff (??) and I hear this epic gagging noise coming from behind me.

Indie (my puppy girl) was standing directly over my pile of probationary paintings and dog-chucked over the lot of them. ewwww.

It was actually kind of a drop the mic kind of moment. She did her thing and looked at me like, "You are welcome."

It was like drain-o for the chi clog.

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Oct 31, 2018

Memorie- I'd love to hear your idea.


Memorie Coon Dudley
Memorie Coon Dudley
Oct 29, 2018

EEEEk! that is too funny! Tell me next time you have a pile to "donate", I have a super idea.

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